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i can offer:

& arrangement

mixing & mastering


Whether you need help with a bespoke composition, arrangement, a track mixed or mastered, or are excited about learning to write, produce or to play an instrument, I’ll be very happy to help you achieve your goals.


& arrangement

Need help with bespoke music for a production or album? Want to get advice about how to advance your composition? With a background in classical and electronic music, I’ve been writing, arranging and producing music professionally for over 15 years. I'll be very happy to discuss your project with you.

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& mastering

Do you have your composition completed but now looking to add that layer of sparkle and magic? With over 10 years experience in mixing and mastering, there's a lot  I can do to help draw out the beautiful detail inside of your composition and bring your recording up to a professional standard.

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Interested in learning an instrument, music theory or production? I've been helping my students develop and grow with a smile for over 15 years. I also offer support for GCSE, A-Level and Degree Level students. Get in touch and join my family of happy students.

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